Experts in growth and success, taking your business practices to exceptional levels.


Collective in approach, we partner with businesses of all sizes to support and enable their success in reaching the next level. We center our approach on growth and how The Consulting Collective can work closely with businesses to identify opportunities, plan for success and deliver results.  

With the right balance of innovation, practical experience and agility, The Consulting Collective can partner with your business to provide their expertise in the following areas + more:

  • Strategic Business Planning,
  • Growth Strategy Development and Implementation,
  • Sales Team Success and Development, 
  • Vertical Industry Planning, 
  • New Market Opportunities, and
  • Merger and Acquisition Opportunities.


Jamie Butterworth, Founder of The Consulting Collective, has spent the last 25 years driving exceptional results, delivering on growth and strategic plans, and identifying and executing sales opportunities. With proven experience in building and developing successful and collaborative teams, Jamie has partnered with a large number of clients over his career to ensure their business needs are put first all whilst achieving exceptional results. 

Jamie is passionate about what it takes to create opportunities for growth and each unique way these opportunities can be executed and success realised with his customers – current and future. 


We look forward to hearing from you! If you are interested in how The Consulting Collective can partner with you and your business, please contact us directly using the fields below or reaching out directly via the details listed.

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